Rathosey Village



Rathosey Village comprises the heart of a traditional Clachan. The village is surrounded by several acres of land sloping southwards towards the village of Coolaney, Co Sligo.

The land is wooded and interesting, located in the foothills of the Ox mountains, a few miles from the beautiful beaches of west Sligo, the Ladies Brae, etc. Coolany Village is about 1km away with shops & pubs etc.


Rathosey village is at least 200 years old in more or less its present form. We are continuing to build up a picture of the fascinating history of this tiny Village which once housed thirty people.




As recently as 1837 the principle road to the village lead to ancient Osey's Rath, (the origin of Rathoseys name) -a giant double ring fort located about 600meters to the south west. This road was altered sometime in the nineteenth century to give quicker access to the rapidly developing Coolaney Village.

However the road past the cottages remains as the ancient way.


The Project





About thirty years ago we began restoring and repairing the village of Rathosey.

Of necessity, and as funds allowed, we first stabilised the structures of the original four cottages.

The aim is to restore the Cottages in an ecologically sound fashion,  for energy, waste water treatment and water supply.

In 2013 we decided to help the ongoing development by letting the cottages to sympathetic visitors for short breaks. Already we have visitors from all over the world and have received great encouragement for our efforts.




1.The Cottages from the newer low road

2.The Ancient road                             

3.Rathosey Clachan                                                       



There is an "artesian well" water supply on the lands, which with filtration and UV treatment we use to supply to the village.

We have assigned a field to construct a managed wetland waste treatment system (composting filtration reed-bed) to move towards zero impact on the local environment

Development of other alternative energy schemes will follow in time.




1.Coolaney Village from Rathosey

2.The Pond                                 


 We aim to restore homes that remain both authentic, comfortable , and energy-efficient. As such we have retained as many features of the origional cottages as possible, while incorporating modern comforts.


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